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Beloved Carolina Voices Community,

Whether you're a singer, a patron, a donor, or wear all these hats, your unwavering support throughout the past year has been truly remarkable. I'm delighted to announce that we're concluding this year in a strong financial position, surpassing all audience and development goals—especially with the sold-out final performance of our 69th Annual Singing Christmas Tree!


This achievement is a testament to what we can accomplish together, and for that, we are profoundly grateful for your support.


Looking ahead to 2024, we extend an invitation to you to help shape our expectations for the upcoming year. Below is our Christmas Wish List, outlining anticipated expenses that, with your help, will enhance our impact in enriching, educating, and uniting our community through song.


For the twelve days of Christmas our donors gave CV....

Twelve New Caroling Costumes ($1000)

Eleven Music Stands with Storage Cart ($1,000)

Ten (to Twenty Singer) Scholarships ($75 each)

Nine-ty Tasty Meals Catered ($2,500 for SCT)

Eight Chamber Musicians Hired ($3,500)
Seven Thousand Dollars (for the Tree Sneak Peek)

Six Thousand Programs Printed ($4,000)

Five Commissioned Choral Works ($1,000 each)

Four Workshop/Masterclasses ($1,000 each)

Three-Day Venue Rental ($2,500)

Two New Office Computers ($3,000)

and a Sound System for Impromptu ($10,000)

Please know that any donation, regardless of size, not only brings us closer to our overall goal but also affirms the contributions of others and the mission of Carolina Voices. You have the opportunity to be our Santa today, one among many. Simply click on the donate button below.


Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey.


Warmest regards,


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Legacy Gifts

Your gift can help to ensure that Carolina Voices continues to enrich the community through song for many years to come. Carefully planned estate gifts can offer significant estate-tax and income benefits, while at the same time bringing great benefit to an organization you hold dear.

To discuss planned giving please contact Carolina Voices at 704.374.1564.

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