Amplify Children's Choir Program

A new after-school children's choir designed to unite the kids of our growing city and its diverse neighborhoods, through song.


Amplify your voice.

Amplify your value.

Amplify your community.

AMPLIFY children’s choir is a new and unique community choir group brought to you by Carolina Voices designed to unite the children of our growing city and its diverse neighborhoods through song. AMPLIFY’s two choirs – Crescendo (grades 3-5), and Forte (grades 6-8) - will each feature student singers from all over the greater Charlotte, NC area. Meeting weekly every Thursday in the heart of the city for rehearsal and community building, students learn choral repertoire from around the globe arranged specifically to reflect the unique makeup of each ensemble. Don’t mistake AMPLIFY for a stoic or traditional children’s choir, though. AMPLIFY offers a modern and unpredictable musical experience that respects choral singing tradition while not being afraid to blaze a new artistic path into the future. Performances are each unique. Venues can be anywhere and everywhere. Unexpected multimedia moments punctuate emotional singing. At times, the audience even becomes a part of the show, itself. Conceived and directed by nationally awarded music teachers alongside the longest standing choral organization in Charlotte, AMPLIFY is a place where musicianship, diversity, and community are equally celebrated and showcased for all to enjoy.

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Auditions for our adult choirs are held twice a year; in Summer & Winter.

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