Festival Singers’ First Professional Recording

As differently-colored pieces of thread woven together become one tapestry, diverse voices join together to create one sound.  Music is a common thread that weaves through our lives, connecting notes to a page, voices to souls, and people to people. To celebrate this connection, Carolina Voices is excited to announce Festival Singers’ first professional recording. 

We give huge thanks to the generous sponsors who are making this exciting project possible! The recording is in production and will be released on CD and for download in Fall 2017.

Notes Sponsors ($25-$200)
Ethel & Henry Allison
Nicole & Toby Bartlett
Doris Anne Bradley
Sara Brownfield
Louise & Thomas Cleveland
Dennis & Kathy Crowley               
John Fenyar
Bill Griffin
Walter & Maureen Gilewski
Shelia McGrail
David & Karen Miller (In honor of Diann Clark)             
Paul & Aileen Millward
Maryann Pajot
John & Wilma Pinter
John Quillin & Rick Haffner       
Gloria Roach
Jane Shoemaker
Susan Theodos
Larry & Carla Vitez
Cricket Weston & Dave Molinaro (In honor of Maestro Donna Hill)

Song Sponsors ($250 per song)
Kevin Hinson & Leslie Pugh - Simple Boat
Kevin Hinson & Leslie Pugh - The Road Home
Neal & Jack Farley - Luminous Night of the Soul
Neal & Jack Farley - Choral Reflections on Amazing Grace
Nancy Ring - Sure on this Shining Night
David & Tanya Price - The Seal Lullaby (In honor of Ryan Price)
Al & Sandy Grathwol - The Ground
Debbie Davis & Ann Watkins – Shenandoah (In honor of Festival Singers who brighten our world with their gift of song)
David Carpenter - Alleluia (In honor of JR Heavner and Elaine Bird Nichols)
Yonnie Allgood - Dirait-on
Bob Guy/Church At Charlotte  - Grace
Sue Wheldon & Bruce Dalton - Hymn to the Eternal Flame
Brad & Deb Kraft - Wade in de Water
Donna Hill - If Music Be the Food of Love

Virtuoso Sponsors ($500+)
Neal & Jack Farley
Peg Heavner
David Hinds & Edward Garrett
Kevin Hinson & Leslie Pugh
Rik & Roy Salomon (In memory of Sue Tennant)
Donna Hill